Chico Rebels' primary purpose is to teach and promote the game of Lacrosse in a fun, safe, and sportsmanlike environment. Chico Rebels is dedicated to the skill development of lacrosse players and teaches a game of speed, position, and finesse.
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End of Season Wrap-Up
by posted 05/28/2014

Chico Rebels 2014 Boys' Varsity

End-of-Season Wrap-Up 

In This Issue: 

  • Congratulations and Thank You 
  • Board Members - Candidacy & Interviews 
  • Volunteerism - You Made A Difference 
  • End-of-Season Surveys 
  • Stay Connected 
  • Laxapalooza Planning & Save The Date 
  • Social Media Policy Reminder 

Congratulations and Thank You 

Congratulations to all of our teams and athletes. Your effort, your winning personality, your ability to rise up over defeat, and your all star enthusiasm proved to us what we asked of you from the beginning of this adventure: YOU ARE READY! You did a fantastic job, beat the odds, and had a lot of fun along the way. So congratulations! 

Thank you to our athletes and from our athletes as we look to our coaching staff, our managers, our board of directors, and our parents and families. Thank you coaches for breathing the spirit of lacrosse into our veins, for keeping us motivated, for teaching us the skills and the finesse of the game. Thank you for your positive spirit, for pushing us when we thought we didn't have anything left to give, for reminding us of what is important as a team and as individuals both on and off the field. Thank you team managers for your coordinating efforts, your organizational skills, your ability to handle the details in more ways than most of us ever came to know. Thank you to our Board of Directors who made sure we had fields to practice on and play our games, who kept us supplied with balls, goals, and made sure our fields were lined and ready to go; for another great season and hopefully, many more to come! Thank you to our parents and families who got us where we needed to be when we needed to be there, who made many sacrifices so that we could play, and who were always there to cheer us on even when we felt we didn't deserve it. Because of all of you, we were ready--and come 2015, we'll be ready again! 

Board Members - Candidacy and Interviews 

Leaving our fold, President Kelly Nokleby and member Lau Ackerman are soon to depart from the board of directors. This opens the spot for two to four positions which we hope to fill soon so that the transition period can be as smooth as possible. These positions require a commitment to the organization by attending regular monthly meetings, working on tasks as assigned during meetings, working together to ensure we have teams that are fully staffed and fielded by the end of the year and ready to play by the beginning of the year. These are year round positions as most of the work done behind the scenes takes place off-season so that once the season arrives, the day-to-day work goes smoothly. 

Anyone interested in announcing candidacy for a board position is recommended to attend the Wednesday, May 28th Board of Directors meeting which will be held at Bidwell Consulting, located behind Sol Mexican Grill on the Esplanade just north of the Esplanade/Eaton Road intersection on the west side. For further information, maps, and contacts, see our Board of Directors > Meeting Announcements page on our website. The meeting will begin at 5:30 p.m. 

Here is the agenda for the meeting: 

Chico Rebels Lacrosse
Board of Directors Meeting
May 28, 2014

A.  Call to Order/Open Session/Introductions
B.  Approval of Minutes from 4/16/2014
C.  Treasure’s Report
D.  Web Administrator Update
E.  Season/Team Updates
      1.  Play off report
      2.  Coach concerns
      3.  Fields/Equipment

F.  End of the season Survey

G.  Laxapalooza

H.  New Business

I.  Board Member Recruitment
       1.  Questions/Answers

J.   Open Session Adjourned/Set date for next meeting

A.  Call to Order/Closed Session

B.  Approval of Minutes from 4/16/2014

C.  New Business

D.  Closed Session

Volunteerism - You Made A Difference 

Volunteering is something that keeps our overhead costs down (that means our registration fees). It's that plain and simple. It comes by way of helping move goals out to the fields - and then bringing them back to the storage shed at the end of the day or season. It's staffing the concession stand at home games. It's making phone calls to players with last minute information about game or practice changes due to inclement weather. It's working registration at various events such as clinics and Laxapalooza. It's helping number sticks, folding Spirit Wear, picking up orders from various vendors, collecting balls after practice and games, running copies of fliers, posting fliers, receiving hundreds of uniforms and making sure they're ready to be handed out, scorekeeping, time keeping, sideline managers, and getting all of those tools and equipment out to the fields for our score and time keepers. It's getting not just your kids, but other kids out to the fields and games. It's organizing end of the season parties and hosting them. Because of all of you that have volunteered your time, you have made a difference. Our players notice it. Visiting teams notice it. Coaches, managers, referees, and people who are just plain curious and stopped by to see what these kids are doing with sticks out on the lawn are doing. Because of our volunteers, our players were able to play an incredible season. Because of our volunteers, our kids have seen up-close and personal that they mean a lot to you. Let's keep it going! You are making an incredible difference! 

End of the Season Surveys 

Upon approval by the Board of Directors, the end-of-the-season surveys will be emailed out to this year's participants. These are very important to our club as they help us better understand what we need to improve on and it also gives us encouragement for the things we're doing right. You'll be evaluating communication, club direction, coaching staff, and more. Please take some time to sit down with your player and reflect upon the season when you receive the survey and let us know how we're doing. 

Stay Connected 

Now is a good time to log onto our website at and make certain your account is up-to-date. This way you'll receive both email and postal delivery mail with important announcements and information. Many members accounts are old and have not been updated for some time. Phone numbers have been changed, email addresses too, even regular mailing addresses might need to be updated. You'll have until June 30th to make corrections to your account. Please do so by clicking on the EDIT MY ACCOUNT button in the side navigation. If you forgot your password, please follow the directions on recovering your account. 

Also, if you are interested in receiving emails for summer/fall clinics, please email us at with CLINIC MAILING LIST in the subject line. We'll add you to our list and send that out when the time arrives. And, if you have family or friends that are interested in lacrosse and would like to be notified of upcoming events, including Laxapalooza and registration, have them email us at and put NEW MEMBER MAILING LIST in the subject line. It would be helpful if they could also provide us with the name, date of birth, and grade of the player who is interested in lacrosse in the body of the mail so that we're sending them out specific notifications for their age group. 

Laxapalooza Planning & Save The Date 

Our fifth annual Laxapalooza will be the first Saturday in October at a location yet to be determined. We hope to bring back the free stick clinic just before the event, so get out that fat red pen and mark it on your calendar! 

Also, we are in need of volunteers to help with the various aspects of planning for Laxapalooza. This includes: 

  • Registration 
  • Sponsors and Vendors 
  • Donors (door prizes, raffle prizes, coaching gifts) 
  • Catering 
  • Spirit Wear - including new designs and preordering/presales 

We hope to be having subcommittees working on this between board meetings and providing the board of directors with updates at their monthly meetings. If you are able to help out with this, please contact us by emailing

Social Media Reminder 

Please note that we have seen a number of Facebook groups, pages, Twitter accounts, Instagram, and other social media accounts that are using the Chico Rebels name. Effective last year, the board enacted a policy that prohibits the use of the club name unless specifically approved by the board of directors in writing. If you have an account and are using our name, due to liability reasons, we ask that you please change, delete, or disconnect this immediately. The policy for this is on our site under Documents > General Information > Social Media Notice. The notice reads as follows: 

The Chico Rebels Lacrosse Organization Board of Directors retains all rights to the use of the name Chico Rebels, Chico Rebels Lacrosse, and/or Chico Rebels Lacrosse Organization and any and all derivatives. No unauthorized individual, agent, agency, corporation, association, or party may use the name to conduct business, open an account of financial, social, advertisement, discussion, photo/video/digital sharing, etc. without permission in the form of writing which is approved by the Board of Directors and notarized.

Effective immediately. 


The following accounts are not authorized by the Rebels, if you are a member of or the manager of these accounts, we ask that you cease and desist immediately or contact us for authorization: 




The Chico Rebels Lacrosse Club is a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization operated
under the auspices of a volunteer board of directors.
Our mailing address is 1692 Mangrove Avenue #268, Chico, CA 95926.
Our email addresses are: and .
Presently our Board President is Kelly Nokleby who can be reached at .

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Update Your Information
by posted 01/20/2013

Note: Updated 2/19/13 to include a link (see bottom) to a
Primer that explains how to set up your account and
control the communication settings for player and parent accounts.

If you haven't done it yet this season, now would be a really good time to update your information. This will ensure you receive timely information from your coach and the organization.

To update your information, click on the Edit My Account button at the bottom of the side navigation menu. There you can input your current email address, phone numbers, whether or not you can receive text messages on your cell phone, and other pertinent information.

About the PUBLIC / PRIVATE / ROSTER selections.

- Public means that this information will be posted in various sections of the website, usually along with the team roster, and is visible to anyone visiting the site. We highly recommend that unless you are a board member, team manager, or coach you do not select this option.

- Private means that only key personnel (coach, web administrator, select board members) are able to see this information. We do not recommend this for players as it prevents you from receiving information from fellow players and other people within the organization that need to share information with you.

- Roster means that when you log on and visit your team roster in the teams section, you will see your information and your teammates information they've elected to display. Guardian/parent information will also be accessible if the guardian/parent has elected for it to be made so. Board members, coaches, team managers, and others logged onto the system will also be able to see this information. We strongly recommend you select this option.

If you have any questions or experience any difficulties, you may contact us at any time by emailing

We've added a primer on how to manage your account which is located [here].

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